Monday, June 3, 2013

back in Bisbee

Today was my first day back in my own house, in Bisbee. And dude, it was awesome.

I chilled. I crafted. I sewed. I played with my critters.

I missed my little Bear, but that's ok. It was somehow invigorating to be alone in my house. Stress is knocking at my door - the VA hasn't sent me the stipend I live off, and if it doesn't show up soon I won't be able to pay my rent - but for today, I just enjoyed being in my own space.

I love being back in Bisbee. I went for a walk today, intending to spend some time at the tattoo shop where I'm doing my apprenticeship. My teacher wasn't there, though, so I didn't stay. Instead I walked over to the cafe where a friend of mine works, and had some tangerine lemonade and some spinach quiche. Delicious. I wandered over to the post office and picked up a week and a half of mail.

There was no rain.

All I need now is for Archer to come home from his business trip.

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  1. I'm getting on the plane now silly. ;-)