Friday, April 3, 2015


He always wore band t-shirts
and baggy shorts.
Or jeans,
because it wasn't always warm
in North Carolina.
They were usually clean
when he put them on.

He always wore Adidas sneakers,
as though he might stumble
into an indoor soccer game
at any  moment.
He never did.
But sometimes
he and his sister would kick the ball
around the weedy yard,
for boredom's sake.

He always had music playing:
the Misfits,
Violent Femmes,
Dropkick Murphies.
These were the soundtrack of his life.

He finally cut his curly dark hair,
the day he joined the Army.
For the next eleven years,
he wore OD green and combat boots,
a pair of wings, and a red beret.


Shared with the real toads.


  1. Looking back, I think one of the greatest mysteries for my mother was how my brother and I saw each other.

  2. Layers and layers of chosen clothing and readiness! How beautiful! I hope this is about a live person and is not a memorial. But if the latter, none better.

  3. The boy behind the man and the soldier. The brother once right at our side. This is beautiful!