Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flash Fiction 55: "Man, you gotta go"

Four letters, infinite power: move. One pair of boots, colored by hard ground, treading the old road's dead-grass track, thrust dirt ahead of their scuffs. All the steps behind had faded into days, uncounted, known only for the cold shade and thawing sun. All the steps ahead were lovely, in the heart above the boots. 


Inspired by the imaginary garden with real toads, the lure of movement against my own stagnation, and Abraham Archer, who has been tracking through my thoughts lately. 


  1. This is much closer to my heart of moving.. boots and walking is how I would leave....Solvitur ambulando

    1. I'd like to say I'd go on foot, or on horseback - and when it's temporary, I do - because it feels very romantic, but all the times I've actually left a life behind, it's been in a car. Abraham, though, is definitely a walking person.

  2. Walking is the Greatest Escape - even if it is only a walk in the forest! In younger years, I walked many miles, looking into lighted windows, longing for I sit inside, looking out and longing for adventure.

  3. Oh good, I was hoping it might move someone :)