Sunday, October 12, 2014

True Story

Roll with me here -

flying off my little truck
scampering down the highway:
That tailgater swerves and backs off.


Oh look! Over there!
(Nothing to see here folks)
That cloud is crawling like smoke
under the San Jose Mountain
(is that the name? I can't recall) -
an underground cloud factory

letting off steam.


  1. I like the idea of bits falling off the car and scaring the tailgaters. Maybe we could invent a sort of 'ejector button'.

  2. Sounds like the mountain agreed. Applauded. Amen!

  3. How could this be anything but true? I love the speaker's personality, which is more tangible than even the truck or the (what are they called again?) mountains.

  4. Sometimes the clouds are so heavy so they seem to have chthonic origin... I like the idea of an underground cloud factory